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The Mansion House

Dawson St, Dublin 2, Co.
Dublin, Ireland (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Apr 9 2013
    Brio Conference
    9am through Wednesday, April 10 at 5pm
    The Mansion House

    A conference about the future of being entrepreneurial.

    This conference isn’t about romanticizing entrepreneurship or funding a startup.

    It’s about the vibrant spirit and ethic of businesses who care about people, think long-term, and seek to better the world within their sphere of influence.

    We aim to provoke and sustain your idealism.

  • Monday
    Apr 8 2013
    Ship It! Monday

    Ship It! Monday is a celebration of making things. Bring something you made and tell the world about it.

    Why you’d want to come:

    to learn about new things and how they were made to hang out with other people who are making things Because, shipping! Register to come watch, or register as a shipper and demo something you've shipped recently, or even better, ship it live!