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1001 Southeast Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97214 (map)

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  • Thursday
    May 16 2013
    NodePDX 2013
    9am through Friday, May 17 at 5pm


    They're taking the world by storm. Quad coptors, remote control Lego Trains, Robots, cybernetic implants. The hardware world is being revolutionized in so many ways and JavaScript with Node.js is charging ahead. We're aiming to push that charge forward with a track dedicated to hardware hacking, so bring your ideas, your hardware, your code & let's hack.


    Code, it's in every thing we touch these days. JavaScript is stepping into new code realms everyday, in the browser, server, phone, databases, map reductions, your house and even in places we've no idea yet. Where are we heading next with JavaScript, what else should we do with it? Come hear about and contribute to the coolest developments in the world of JavaScript.


    We love this stuff. We love building things. We do this for the fun of it and because we just can't not do it! We love that it provides so much monetary value to society, as companies actually pay us to do this stuff. Otherwise we'd be starving artists, and we're cool with good food.